Scoring.Racing, currently in beta 2A.32, was developed for the sole purpose of posting lineups/results for racing events in the greater Wisconsin area. The intensions are simple; keep drivers updated, get cars lined up on time, and race events running smoothly.

Developments are still in progress and current intensions are to launch the full Scoring.Racing website in the spring of 2017.

Plans are to use the 'Events' program to display lineups, practice results (when available), and show the event schedule.

The 'Results' section to display uploaded results after the racing events for the night have been completed. The 'Results' page is populated with the direct results from the MyLaps/AMB scoring system. All results are 'unofficial' and are for informational purposes only.

Example events are currently available by clicking the ‘Events’ button from the menu. Please note that current site designs allow the lineups page to be automatically updated every 100 seconds to ensure that the most current content is displayed.

The design is currently setup to have all the information displayed on one page with the most current lineups on the top of the page. The thought process on the design is to not get ‘lost’ in the navigation of the website by sorting through different divisions and such. Simply click on the event, check the information, and refresh the page as needed to view new/updated lineups. The page is set to automatically refresh every ‘100’ seconds to keep the lineups current.

Being updated recently, Scoring.Racing has been improved to have and Event Schedule, Practice Results, and Event Lineups on their own independent pages. For each event, under the main heading you will have the option to select what information you would like to view. This aspect gives users a more defined path for the information that they are looking for.

We pride ourselves in keeping this site available 24/7. To view our uptime please click HERE.

Please stay tuned for updates...

- Scoring.Racing Development Team

Questions? Email our development team at info@Scoring.Racing