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Dale N. – Slinger Speedway
I can't thank you enough - You've done an outstanding job working with Marie to get Slinger Speedway on Scoring.Racing. Thank you for honoring our requests and developing solutions to make our race nights quick and successful. Using online driver registration has simplified and streamlined our data for scoring, announcing, and payout. Keep up the great work and we look forward to using Scoring.Racing for many years to come!
Gregg McKarns – Madison International Speedway
Owner/Promotor - Madison International Speedway
Being an old line scorer myself, it is great to have this tool to streamline the tower operations on race night. Now, with their text notifications of line-ups, we will be able to keep our shows running smoothly.
Drew Kreibich – Midwest Truck Series
Race Directory - Midwest Truck Series
Scoring.Racing has enabled us to speed up communication between the tower and the drivers during race events. This eliminates a simple hassle of teams needing to congregate around a piece of paper to check lineups. It also makes it super easy for track staff that is lining up the next event to see any changes that may be made to the lineup after it has been posted.
Jonathan Eckelberg – HSRA
Directory - High School Racing Association
As the Director of the High School Racing Association, I have line-ups, results and standings for multiple race tracks to coordinate. Scoring.Racing helps me stay organized and ensure point totals are being tabulated accurately. Andy and the team have been able to customize point tracking for HSRA and provide the necessary embeds to alleviate manual, time-consuming work. Cannot thank them enough!
Jerry Auby – Dells Raceway Park
Owner/Promotor - Dells Raceway Park
After racing myself for 25 years and now operating a race track for the past 10 years I always found it a chore to walk across the pits to get the line up as a driver and massive extra work for the control tower to run line up sheets repeatedly to the pits during the race night. Now with Scoring.Racing the line ups are posted to multiple monitors in the pits within seconds. Drivers have all the info on their phones after they scan the easy to use QR code and do not have to even walk to the monitor & line up changes are a breeze, fast and easy. The whole system is easy to use for loading information and updating, I could not imagine going back to pen and paper post. Drivers and Tower personnel find it simple to use and makes the whole night more pleasant and smooth sailing
Drivers @ Oktoberfest 2022
I thought it was easy! - anonymous driver
Much better than ever, great job! - anonymous driver
Terri Gehrke – Rockford Speedway
Registar - Rockford Speedway
Scoring.Racing is an efficient and cost effective system for us to share all lineups with drivers, crew, staff and fans. Easy to use and easy for anyone to view. It has eliminated our reliance on handwritten lineups and copies walked across the track.
Scott Sippel – MRM Raceway
Oval Race Director - MRM Raceway
Scoring.Racing has been a welcome asset and improvement over how we had been using spreadsheets.
Andrew Vogel – Madison International Speedway
Chief Scorer - Madison International Speedway
Having been a scorer for over 30 years, Scoring.Racing allows me to input lineups quickly and efficiently.
Steve Bechtel – Grundy County Speedway
Grundy County Speedway
I've seen this used at other tracks in the area and was impressed by it as a fan. In 2020 we incorporated this a the track I work (Grundy County Speedway) and was blown away at how easy it was to use. The drivers absolutely loved being able to check lineups on their phone. If your track doesn't use this, you're missing the boat. Ver simple to use and VERY affordable. Great tech support if needed as well.
Bryce Miller – Midwest Trucks Series
#11 Midwest Truck
As a driver, Scoring.Racing keeps me up to date with everything on raceday. We can see the starting grid for each race.